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What Are We Up to Here?

September 30, 2012

Many wars and much discrimination have arisen over differences in religious interpretations of Divinity. It’s our purpose here to show that all religions worship the same God but just interpret Him/Her/It (God has no gender) differently.

We’d like to make the interpretation of that one God more understandable cross-culturally and we’d like to show where the various religions meet and what the “perennial philosophy” is under all religions.

Our purpose is to contribute to world peace by showing the compatibility of the world’s great religions with each other. But we’d also like to stimulate cross-cultural research into the verities that the religions examine as well as the weaknesses and errors in our terrestrial worldviews and religious philosophies when compared with new views that are being presented to us from unexpected quarters.

This blogsite is not conventional and it will not be bound by current perspectives. We must break the chains that our belief systems represent and prepare the ground for the startling and far-reaching interpretations that are being shared with us from these new voices at the present time.

So welcome. make yourself at home here. And enjoy a new look at religion from a cross-cultural perspective.

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