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Did I Open My Heart or Not? That is the Question


Reader Number 1: “Please keep us up to date with what is happening for you personally (vasanas and emotions). Some of us are more isolated than others and it’s such a relief to know that I’m not the only one feeling this way. Whenever you mention your presenting emotions/thoughts, it always directly echoes mine.”

Reader Number 2: “I’m finding, as we get closer into the changes, many in the community are expressing ‘egos’ and there appears to be a convergence between disinfo and real info. Witness Georgi’s ”attack’ on you, Ben Fulford’s attack on James Martinez (a synchronicity?). Witness O’Finouan’s attack on David. There’s just a lot playing out.”

Several things about what our friends say above.

I agree that as we rise up in our vibratory levels, all manner of archaic feelings, which I’ve called vasanas after the Vedantic tradition, are shaking loose. And we’re using all manner of ways to deal with them.

I’m amazed that, in private readings with Jesus and Archangel Michael that my wife and I have had, they address the very subject and recommend ways of dealing with them. Jesus recommended singing at the top of one’s lungs as well as his favorite means: going off into the desert and meditating on them.

Archangel Michael recommends allowing them to surface, even if they result in unpleasant feelings, expressing them, releasing them, but not aiming them at others. Hmmmm… Sounds like an Enlightenment Intensive to me.

But the very articles that I write where I say what vasanas are arising for me – recently arrogance and jealousy – are designed to get these topics out into the open. Do I like thinking that I can be arrogant and jealous? Not at all. But these subjects must get an airing and starseeds are here to go first with that.

I actually do know that if one person expresses him or herself on a matter and another reads or hears it, it can be as useful for the second person as the first. Anyone who has attended a growth workshop like the old est Training or an encounter group knows how that works. So I do know that when I or anyone else “shares” their shadow side, others will benefit from that share.

I also know that when someone expresses him or herself with the force that exists for other people, the other people can experience release. And that is why I risked oblivion in Herculobus (not really) to say to Archangel Michael that we want action now and say it in a firm tone. I’ve received feedback from many people that that recreated their own feelings and allowed them to feel release on the subject. Believe me, I thought it would.

You can be assured that Archangel Michael knows how we feel and that one could not work for a kinder boss. It’s a bit silly to think that he wouldn’t know, even without us expressing it. And you can be assured that, if I said that to AAM, it was he himself that was probably pulling my strings because I’m surrendered to him. I allow him to use me for whatever purposes he wishes. He might not admit it on the air, so as not to short-circuit the drama, but I’m sure he arranged it.

As to the second reader’s share, there is indeed a lot being played out. Lots of us are feeling cranky, upset, unhappy and frustrated. All our residual negativity is surfacing as we rise in energy level. And we’re projecting it onto one another.

We have an extensive literature in the righthand column on how to handle vasanas. But the short form of it all is just to be with them when they arise and get their underlying communication or message.

But, yes, this is a very difficult time and we are going to screw up on occasion. Give yourself a break. Give another a break. This is what occurs when we rise up in vibration.

The residual resentments and incompleted feelings, especially the negative ones that are stored in our mental and bodily memories, rise to the surface to be released. So perhaps just “get” that this is that time of recycling through all the garbage in our lives and is nothing personal.

And, while I’m here, another miscellaneous matter.

Someone wrote Linda Dillon a really awful letter saying that she was hoodwinking me, that I knew nothing about the ascended masters, and that I was as such a sheep ripe for the shearing, etc., etc.

I flatter myself that I know a mite about the ascended masters. I read the same sources as the correspondent. And I also have a fairly extensive background working with mediums for a number of decades – in fact, longer than Linda has been channeling.

I chose Linda for a wide range of readings because in my books she’s one of the best. More than a few people have expressed sentiments to me that I suspect (just suspect, don’t know) arise out of jealousy.

But can we spend a moment on the whole subject of hoodwinking?

Suppose Linda were, which I don’t think she is, hoodwinking me by pretending to allow Archangel Michael to speak through her. First of all she should get an Oscar for that performance.

All her information, no matter who speaks, is consistent and very, very detailed. How can anyone pull such a thing off? Only a masterful individual. Perhaps the mastery, if it were all a hoax, is more of an accomplishment than the mediumship.

But that aside, what matters it if I’m hoodwinked? In my heart, I’m serving AAM and would not the real AAM know that all my efforts were in service of him?

A friend once told me that a man on the street had asked her to give him money for food. She took him to a restaurant and bought him a sandwich. As she walked out she observed him throwing the sandwich into a trash can.

Does it matter?

When I give money to another, I’m giving money to God. If the person I gave it to turns out to be undeserving, so to speak, did I not give my money to God regardless? I never feel hard done by if the subject turns out to be undeserving. God knows the intent of my heart. It’s God who accepts my gift.

Haven’t we all heard the story about the false guru with the sincere disciple? God forced the guru to bestow the divine vision on the sincere disciple and appeared to her Him/Herself even though the guru lacked the wherewithal to bestow that vision. Isn’t the moral of the story the same?

The same with the 2012 scenario, generally. So what if it all turns out to be a hoax, something that is very, very unlikely. If we’ve served it and it turns out to be untrue, have we not served enlightenment, humanity, the angels, and God? Is any such effort wasted?

In my view, no sincere extension of yourself is wasted. All of it is seen by the One who reads our hearts, And isn’t an opening of the heart what this is all about anyways?

So allow yourself to open the heart and, if you’ll permit me to say it, put aside the fear of being hoaxed. Yes, we should all endeavor not to hoax another, but if we ourselves are hoaxed in serving what we believe is God, as far as I can see, there is no loss.

The action of serving has never turned on the fitness of the recipient. Did not Jesus treat Judas the same as he did the others? It’s our heart that is the subject of the opening and, for me anyways, that’s all I want to concern myself with.

Did I open my heart or not? That is the question.

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