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Let Me Not Forget That

With everything that’s going on, in all this hubbub, what gets forgotten, what falls by the wayside, time and time again is our remembrance of the purpose of life.

I can forget a day’s appointment or where I left my keys, but I never want to forget the purpose of life.

I’m not an enlightened man so where do I get off talking about the purpose of life? In the strongest spiritual experience I’ve had, (1) one which propelled me out of academia and into life as an urban monk, I was actually shown the purpose of life. I was given one jewel from the treasure box buried in the field and have gazed into its depths ever since.

The purpose life could be stated many ways. The way I’d like to state it today is that our purpose in life is for each of us, by our own efforts, with a clear consciousness and not through a mind-altering substance, to know and realize the ultimate Truth – the Truth of who we are, the Truth of our identity, as God.

I’m convinced that God designed life. I think She (He, It) created design elements of life and divine processes. Among design elements in the Third Dimension are things like birth and death, reincarnation, the full-life review, the Adam Kadmon template, (2) and many other things.

Chief among the divine processes is that the Truth will set you free.

Have you ever wondered why you can be in an upset and then suddenly have an epiphany of some event, and seeing that event, the upset is released? The truth has set you free.

Or when a lover’s ardor has cooled, you ask them what’s going on and, even though they tell you the cruelest news that breaks your heart and sunders the relationship, once the truth is known the forward direction comes to a halt and a new direction begins, whatever it may be.

No matter whether we’re talking about the relative plane or the Absolute Plane, the truth applicable to it sets one free at that level.

We are here to know and realize the Truth.

Not to get rich. Not to rack up conquests. Not to see as many countries of the world as possible, not for any other reason. And life responds to our discovering the truth by freeing us from whatever condition propels us in that moment.

I’m inclined to say, but I don’t know whether I’d be correct or not, that the truth will free us from karma. It will eventually. The one who knows the truth of his or her being in sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi will in fact be freed from karma. The one in whom not a wave arises in the mind – a wave or vritti being a thought, which is inherently illusory and hides the truth – is ultimately set free.

In a relative sense there are reasons not to disclose the truth on occasion – not to lie, but not to disclose the truth. If a mind-controlled hybrid supersoldier showed up at my doorstep and demanded to know where my wife was because he wanted to kill her, I would withhold the truth.

Such reasons exist and form part of the drama of life. But, left to my own devices and not having to obey any other social exigency or duty, only the truth matters to me.

And that truth in the end is not the truth of who won the 2000 election or who killed JFK. It’s the truth of who I am. And that truth is not the truth of what substance makes up my skin or why I’m allergic to soy. It’s who the dweller in this body really is. And that truth can only be found by looking within, where the dweller is.

So, in the last analysis, I’m actually not that much interested in anything at all that lies out there, except insofar as I have a duty to it. There is something in here I’m more interested in, a treasure buried in the field of this body, in the heart to be precise – a Pearl of great price, a mustard seed, a something which can’t be known for looking, can’t be found for thinking, can’t be called out, or cajoled out. A something that only responds to (and in fact IS) openness and love, stillness and silence.

That I don’t ever want to forget no matter how the outside of me changes. Disclosure doesn’t touch that. NESARA doesn’t touch that. Let all this panorama outside of me change with the season, but let me not forget That.


(1) Found here: “Epilogue: Eight Seconds Out of Time,” at

(2) The template of the galactic human, whether reached by mammalian, reptilian, cetacean, insect, or other evolutionary line. We are most used to thinking of it terms of Leonardo’s depiction of its male version:

Mammalian version of the Adam Kadmon template

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