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Back to the Basics: The Purpose of Life

Whenever I’ve been away for a time I like to remind myself of the basics. What is life all about? What is its purpose? Why am I here and why do I return to the body again and again?

The purpose for which God created life forms was to raise them up through a process of spiritual evolution from a place of unconscious awareness of their true identity to a place of conscious awareness so that, in a moment of Self-realization, God could meet God.

God is formless, one, all there is. There is no other besides God and so there is no occasion on which God could meet another through that contact come to know Him/Her/Itself. Since there is no other, there is also no camera, mirror, feedback loop or any other means by which God could discover truths about Himself.

And so He (She, It) invented life forms, finger puppets as it were, into which He placed a spark of Himself which would grow in consciousness until it realized itself as God. That was the purpose for which life was made and introduced into the Oneness of the Divine ground of being.

Many religions map out this Divine Plan by saying that God the Father (Brahman) created a phenomenal realm of matter, mater, Mother (Shakti, the Holy Spirit) into which he embedded a spark of Himself as God the Child, the Christ, the Atman.

The Christian Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost is the Hindu Trinity of Brahman, Atman and Shakti. It is the Transcendental, the Phenomenal, and the Transcendental embedded in the Phenomenal. We must know these three levels of reality if we are truly and completely to know God. We know them in stages of enlightenment, which is itself virtually endless.

So now, we life forms, having passed through the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms have reached the Third Dimension of life in the physical realm and the Fourth Dimension in the astral realm. We stand at the end of a cycle which will see us graduate into the Fifth Dimension or mental realm. This graduation has been called a shift, transformation, or ascension. It is one stage along the endless journey from God to God.

It is only one stage. It will see our bodies change from carbon base to crystalline base, our active DNA strands increase from two to twelve, our bodies grow younger, stronger and healthier and ourselves never need to die again. This is slated to happen on or before Dec. 21, 2012.

To free us from the grip of a dreaded cabal which intended to kill off a large segment of the population, reducing our numbers from 7 billion to 500 million, the Company of Heaven summoned extraterrestrial civilizations which originally gave us birth to come to Earth and rescue us, revive us, and prepare us for Ascension. These millions of galactics come from planets which originally seeded the Earth. They have stewarded the Earth since its beginnings and they will now mentor us in preparing for this global and joyous event.

Those are the basics. This site is about publicizing the events of 2012, which will lead us from darkness to light, from untruth to truth, and from death unto immortality, in this ultimate year of 2012, and into the Golden Age that follows it.

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