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We are Beginning to Understand the Purpose of Life

As he often does, SaLuSa has given us much food for thought today (April 6, 2011) and I’d like to develop a couple of the points he makes.

I’d like first of all to expand on one thing he says:

“We foresee a change in many people’s attitudes once they understand the true purpose of life, as hitherto you have been going around with your eyes closed. It has not necessarily been your fault, but you have succumbed to the idea that you are separated from each other and God. Now you are beginning to see how dependent you are on each other, and that your actions affect everyone else. It explains how you are collectively responsible for your reality, and makes you realize that you can also change it.”

What is “the true purpose of life”? As I understand it, the true purpose of life is for every created being to realize its fundamental identity as God. Imagine that we are all at an Eighteenth-Century masked ball, all of us wearing the most delightful costumes with a marvellous feather mask on. The clock strikes midnight and it comes time for us to doff our masks and, when we do – all of us have the same face.

That is our situation. Our original face is the same original face. And this discovery is the goal to which we all move.

At first we know not that life has a purpose. Then we begin to sense some common elements or patterns to life. Then we begin to wonder about what seems like a random process – could it have meaning, order, purpose? Then we begin to hear that it does.

Next we begin to investigate some of its laws, structures and processes. Finally we accept that life has purpose and begin to work with it in a way that promises the eventual realization of that purpose. And so life continues as we move further and further along the road to realizing the goal and intention of life.

Now we stand at a collective crossroad where all of us who share the same intent are about to leave behind a state of mind in which we all seem separate from each other to enter into a state of mind in which we see ourselves as one. That “Ascension” to a higher level of consciousness will be followed by dozens, even hundreds, more until at last all apparent distinction between us and That which we are disappears and we are no longer separate in any way from God.

Journeying in this fashion can be seen as an arc which moves out from God and then slowly loops back on itself and returns to God. The arc follows a spiral course as we return again and again to the same lessons until we finally learn them. Out we go from God and back we come again, spiralling all the time.

In my view, this is what SaLuSa means when he says “once [we] understand the purpose of life.” Once we do understand, we see that, even though it remains only a thought rather than a lived experience with us, at least in some ways the way becomes clearer ahead.

SaLuSa then continues:

“Lightworkers lead the way and use their energies to bring more Light to the Earth. Through their ability to keep calm and focus them wherever they are required, they have cleared so much of the lower energies that were clogging the arteries of Mother Earth. The more success they have, the more easily it will become to totally break the hold the dark Ones have had upon you.”

Even as we move towards Ascension, it’s necessary to awaken a collective consciousness and it’s lightworkers who are doing that work. Like the penetrating insight and the steady hand, we’re leading the rest of the body on its return voyage. In this case we’re organizing it and focusing it on the work of dropping separative, dualistic thinking, with the survival mentality that goes along with it.

We are the source of the perseverance and drive that is causing a collective intention to emerge on the planet among billions of individuals with free will. That collective intention is to ascend. He concludes by telling us what awaits us as the outcome of our work:

The most wonderful gifts are about to be bestowed upon you, and come with the rising up of your consciousness.

(1) With such an expansion comes a better realization and understanding of the power of love, and how it can be used for the good of all. To be at peace with yourself and one with the world is something wonderful to aim for and quite achievable.

(2) In time you will become more psychic and your knowledge will know no bounds.

(3) You will travel wherever you desire and become a part of the great family of Space Beings. As a member of the Galactic Federation you can explore the Universe, and serve other people who like you at present are seeking their way home to the higher dimensions.

(4) The past and future will have become one, and time will cease to exist as you now understand it.

(5) Little will remain that relates to your third-dimensional experiences, and life will be so different and enjoyable without the chores that you now endure.

(6) Perhaps the most attractive aspect to you at present would be the thought of having a light-body, one that does not age and suffers no ills or diseases. One that you can also change through pure creative thought that allows you to present yourself as you wish.

So, three times a week SaLuSa reminds us what we’ve contracted to do in this lifetime: to lead this world to a state higher than the one we now occupy which will see us that much closer to our overall-goal of Self-realization and much more peaceful and loving, happy and satisfied than before.

And he will do the same tomorrow and tomorrow, until our role in events becomes crystal clear to us and our ability to take sure and confident steps arises.

We are embarked on an eternal process of moving from darkness to Light, from ignorance to Knowledge, from competition to cooperation, and from self-love to universal love. We are rousing ourselves from a state of unconscious awareness to conscious awareness. We are awakening from a sleep of ages, standing up and striding towards our goal.

And we are, apparently, only a short time away from a rise in consciousness that will transform our lives and our efforts from halting and slow to sure and quick. We are beginning to understand the purpose of life and our thoughts and actions are beginning to show the transformed power that even a modicum of knowledge of life’s meaning provides.

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